Winter Sports Ski Mask

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Our anti-skid belt is made of 100% polyamide elastic, allowing you to stretch and change it anywhere. Our snow goggles will keep the wind, snow, and cold out of your sight. Our ski mask has a double-layer coated lens, which helps to seal the air between the lenses and keep them warm and dry.

Our ski mask has the ability to absorb water indefinitely on the lens’ surface before fogging occurs. Our sports ski mask is lightweight, breathable, and easy to use, so you can wear it when traveling or anywhere else.


  • Our ski mask for winter sports is made of an elastic polyamide that lasts longer.
  • Our ski mask has a number of features, including wind and snow safety, as well as a double-layer coated lens that will keep your eyes warm, dry, and breathable.
  • It has the ability to absorb water permanently before fogging up, making it very convenient to use.
  • Ideal for a variety of outdoor activities, such as traveling or everyday use in the winter.


  • Material: Elastic
  • Available Color :   Black & grey