Sand Bag Kettle Bell

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Sand Bag Kettle Bells are extremely useful because they can be used to hit a variety of body parts for various workouts. They make it possible for you to:

Strengthen the body

Improve your speed and cardio.

Increase your stamina

Concentrate on the upper and lower body separately.

Sand Bag Kettle Bell exercises involve a series of movements that work every muscle group in the body for a full workout.

Compact and Portable : Just one or two are needed to train the entire body, and they are easy to store.


For tough outdoor workouts, a more durable design is recommended.

It’s made out of a tear-resistant canvas. Lightweight and portable.
Boxing, military strength training, core strength training, and so on. It is acceptable for all ability levels.

Take your punching bag with you everywhere you go! Ideal for use on the go or at home.

Ergonomic handle, comfortable for you. Wide mouth for easy and fast filling with sand.


✅ Material:canvas
✅ Color:
✅ Product size (approx.):
18x18x18 cm


✅ 1 x Sand Bag Kettle Bell