Cat Carrier Transparent Backpack

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The Cat Carrier Transparent Backpack helps you to carry your cat in the most convenient way possible. It has a bubble-like peaking window that gives your cat a thrilling view of the great outdoors, as well as flexible straps and handles that make the whole experience comfortable for both you and your feline companion.


  • Stylish Design

Switch heads and feel amazing when wearing them outside. It features an adorable “capsule-like” style that will make anyone who sees you and your pet happy.

  • Provides Outdoor Interaction

This cute backpack features a “solution-centric” style that allows your cat to observe and appreciate the beauty of nature. It has a totally translucent bubble shell that allows them to have a completely immersive experience. Show your kitty how beautiful the outside world is.

  • 100% Pet-Friendly

The Cat Carrier Transparent Backpack has a built-in interior leash as well as ventilation mesh panels on both sides to provide optimum accessibility, breathability, and comfort for your pets when you’re out and about. Built specifically for small cats.

  • Comfort and Security Guaranteed

It comes with two adjustable shoulder straps, an inner leash, and a comfortable cushioned base to give you and your pets the comfort and protection they deserve. And if you’re using it for a long time, you’ll be happy.

Cat Carrier Transparent Backpack Dimensions:

Product includes : 

1 x Cat Carrier Transparent Backpack

weight : for cats up to 20 pounds.

Colors : Yellow , Blue , Pink , Green , Red